Step 1

When deciding to build your new home, the first step to consider is your budget. It is important that your budget is a realistic reflection of what you want to include in your design plans. Once you have determined a budget that you are comfortable with, our team will set you up with an experienced lender who specializes in Construction and Permanent Loans.

Step 2

With your financing taken care of, our experts will work closely with you to find the appropriate space for your new home. Aside from the fact that the exact size of your home is dependent upon the lot you choose, several other factors should be considered when selecting the site of your future home:

  • Yard Space
  • Desired Neighborhood Qualities
  • Local School Districts

Our years of experience ensure that time will not be wasted with determining whether a lot is viable for your home. We will know immediately if the lot is worth pursuing.

Step 3

Once you have selected the site of your custom built home, we will place you with an architectural firm that meets your budget requirements and design expectations. Designing larger homes with more intricate elements takes several months, whereas more modest home designs usually only takes a few weeks. Our builders work closely with your architect to guarantee that your desired square footage and specifications do not encroach on your budget.

Step 4

With your specific designs in hand, we work to build the ideal home you have envisioned for you and your family. We pride ourselves on providing the precise living spaces, outdoor features, and custom kitchens and baths that you have selected with your architect.

Contact us today to get started on taking your dream home from concept to construction. Call us at (770) 449-5798 or contact us for more information.